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Mari Language Resources
Mari and Education
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General information

- Official site of the Republic of Mari El.
  • (In English)
  • - Useful information and statistics on the Republic of Mari El.
  • (In English)
  • - Official site of the Perm' provincial government.
  • Russian)
  • - Information on Suksun district, Perm' Province.
  • Russian)
  • - Official site of the Sverdlovsk provincial government (rather dull and bureaucratic, nothing on the Mari).
  • English and Russian)
  • Ethnographic and Cultural Information

    - Article on the Sylva (Perm' Province) Mari by Georgii Chagin.
  • Russian WIN1251)
  • Mari Language Resources

    - brief description of the Mari language with good links, by Esa Anttikoski of the University of Joensuu, Finland.
  • (In English)
  • (In Russian)
  • - The site of the weekly Mari language newspaper Mari El.
  •  (In Mari)
  • - Article "In Creative Co-operation" by the Chairman of the Writers' Union of Mari El, Ivan Tar'ianov, published by the Information Centre of Finno-Ugrian Peoples (SURI).
  • (In English)
  • mamari.html (In Mari)
  • Russian)
  • Mari and Education

    -Homepage of Mari State University
  • (in russian)
  • (in english)
  • - Site of the Mari State Pedagogical Institute, where Mari language teachers are trained.
  • (In English)
  • - Homepage of the Mari State Technical University.
  • (In English and Russian)
  • Organisations

    - The Estonian-Mari Friendship Society, which provides a translation in English of the story "The Drunken Bee" by the Mari author Laid Shemjer.
  • Estonian, Mari and English)
  • - Site of the Union of Youth of Mari El. Useful for links to local papers and media.
  • (In English and Russian)
  • - Information on the popular Mari ethnic movement, Marii Ushem.
  • (In Russian WIN1251)
  • Personal Webpages

    - Pages of the Ural Mari student Vasli Nikolaev, currently studying in Tartu, Estonia. Includes photos, local ethnographic information, article on the use of the Mari language on the internet and additional links.
  • (In English, Mari, Estonian, and Finnish)
  • - Gennadii (Gena) Salmiianov, Mari student from Mishkino district, Bashkortostan provides information on the republic.
  • (In Estonian, Mari and English)
  • - The Japanese linguist, Kazuto Matsumura, provides personal glimpses of life in the republic as well as good links.
  • (In English)
  • Miscellaneous

    - The International Centre 'Ivan', which arranges Russian language and Mari folklore courses in the republic for foreigners.
  • English)
  • eng.  mari  rus.